I am a blessed husband, father, and family medicine physician who wants to share some of my encounters and experiences to provide hope and reassurance in times of question regarding your health. I was born and raised in the Texas Panhandle. Texas Tech University became my home for undergraduate education as well as my medical school and residency training. The Panhandle area is what I still call home, and currently I am practicing in a small rural communtiy. I have had the opportunity prior to rural practice to work at urgent cares, emergency rooms, nursing homes, assisted livings, hospitals, hospices, and clinics, including two practices which I helped start and run right out of residency. I have been very fortunate to be able to work in such a variety of places to experience so much in my short three years out of residency.

Outside of my professional life, I remain a hopelessly in love husband, and ridiculously happy dad. Even though I have a wealth of experience thus far, I too get shaky and nervous when loved ones fall ill. Like everyone, I have a lot to learn in this journey of life. I hope to share this common feeling and more with all of you while explaining the medical aspect in a way we can all grow more comfortable with.

You can contact me at wesleymd@familyfriendlymd.com

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