Welcome professional parents, patients and medical professionals alike. Answers about common medical diagnoses and the common reasons patients seek to visit a doctor reside within. The goal is to provide knowledge in the hope of gaining a better understanding into common complaints and illnesses for anyone that has ever been sick or known someone that was sick. Yes, that covers all of us. Encouraging conversation between the medical profession and patients is a key to this page and its longevity in the future.

Coming soon from The Family Friendly MD, will be posts about antibiotics, viral infections, children with fever, etc. This site will provide empathy and reassurance without judgment to cultivate an actual physician-patient relationship that can improve outcomes. In a society where “bad drugs” make good advertisements, and bad outcomes are front page news, we can work together to steer the focus to positive encounters and experiences.

So if you have had questions about what it really means when the doctor tells you that your infection is viral, you are in the right place. If you cannot believe an antibiotic was not part of your regimen for the cold you always get, this is the right place for you. If you have ever freaked out in the middle of the night, because your child had a fever, this is the community for you. Professional insight is ready to meet with family questions, and there is not an appointment next door that will take away from our discussion.

Questions are welcome at wesleymd@familyfriendlymd.com. All will be reviewed and when there is a topic common enough or striking enough a post will respond publicly.

Guest posts are also welcome at wesleymd@familyfriendlymd.com. Please share common questions and discussions from your medical practice that may be able to help patients or other professionals with the same encounters. While I am a Family Medicine physician, I welcome topics from all aspects of medicine. Thank you for your interest and contributions.

-Family Friendly MD

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  1. I agree w/ your position on giving antibiotics 100%. I recently experienced C. Diff Colitis that caused me to spend 8 days in the hospital,which in this day and age tells you just how sick I was. I had taken a round of antibiotics for a sinus infection not too long before I got sick w/ the C. Diff. It was the first antibiotic I had taken in at least a year so it doesn’t multiple rounds of antibiotics to make you susceptible. I also agree w/ you that the general public doesn’t understand about the risks of taking antibiotics too frequently. As a R.N. I am more familiar with all of these issues both personally and professionally. Thank you for addressing this important issue.

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